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About Jim Peacher

I was born and raised in Chicago but I am a West Coast convert. I started painting when I was 12. Always wanted to study at the Chicago Art Institute but joined the Army at 19 to see the world instead. They shipped me out to California and I never went back.


Received my B.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State. As a student, I sold drawings of zoo animals on the side walk outside of the SF zoo. Owned and operated a television production and post production company in Monterey and worked in the television business for over 35 years.


My wife and I raised our children in Carmel, CA where I haunted the galleries. I continued to paint in my spare time... and went in search of a style that suited my personal tastes. 

At first, I copied the masters...then contemporary artists and finally I started creating my own compositions... mostly photo realistic still life. Moved to a looser... more impressionistic style for a while until I settled on a mix of styles which is more representational. The subject matter is more fun. 


Hope you enjoy the paintings shown here as much as I have enjoyed the journey. 

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